Dual-Tech is a family owned and
operated manufacturer in the towing industry.

In the mid 80’s, the company’s owner and president used car carriers in their profession and saw a need for certain improvements. In 1989, an improved 2-car “Roll Back” carrier was introduced and thus was the beginning of Dual-Tech, Inc.

The Dual-Tech 2-Car “Roll Back” carrier is known by its users as a high quality, durable, low maintenance, and easy to operate system. Our motto is, “Built Stronger Than It Has to Be”. We custom build 10,000 to 20,000 lb. carriers for all qualified OEM makes and model truck chassis. The heart of the Dual-Tech system is a patented “QUAD RAIL” sub-frame, manufactured almost 30 years with no reported failures.

The Dual-Tech 2- Car Carrier is built in a facility located in a small East Tennessee town called Bean Station. The manufacturing operation includes metal cutting and machining, fabrication, welding and assembly of both the Dual-Tech car carrier undercarriage structure and the body, a paint shop, and final assembly of the carrier system on various OEM truck chassis. Dual-Tech is proud to be associated with a dedicated employee base of fabricators, welders, technicians and office personnel.

Why Choose Dual-Tech

Dual-Tech presently markets and sells product through its reputation, distributors and factory direct sales, as well as limited advertisements in trade journals. Dual-Tech’s customer base consists of the towing and recovery markets, automobile dealers, salvage industry, and equipment transporting markets. In addition, Dual-Tech has sold product internationally, having units in Canada, South America, Europe, and the Caribbeans.  The “Roll Back” carrier is designed to be installed on most OEM straight frame truck chassis, configured to an acceptable CA dimension for the bed length specified by the customer.

In addition to the 2-Car Carriers, Dual-Tech began manufacturing wreckers, available in a self-loaded, 8 ton to 16 ton.  The company represents several truck and towing accessory suppliers to meet the demands of the industry.

These products and services along with continued customer support places Dual-Tech as one of the leading manufacturers in the towing industry. We are proud to offer high quality products and look forward to meeting your specific needs.


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