Side Puller


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Product Description

This compact 4-inch sheave gets your cable where you want it to go as fast as you need it. You align, load, realign and unload all with the same tool.

Functions like a snatch block to direct wire rope for side pulls so you don’t damage rollers and rails.

Ideal for unloading a vehicle, that is hung up, using your winch.

Perform a side angle repossession with just one hook-up.

Side Puller sheaves plug into sockets permanently mounted into your car carrier bed, making side pulls and alignments easier.

Ideal for unloading vehicles without wheels or with underside crash damage that tends to “bite” into your carrier bed when loaded. Socket mounts permanently to the bed of your carrier and the sheave connects and disconnects to the socket as needed. The sockets mount from under the bed and fit flush to the surface of the carrier bed for zero clearance.

Made in USA.

Additional Information

Weight 7 lbs